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Saturday, October 16, 2010

How's the old gas mileage these days? Are you getting that 40 miles to the gallon we all dream of? Ha, that's a laugh. Chances are you're getting half that. If you live in the good old U.S. of A, then you've probably noticed by now that everyone bought an SUV. Well, that is of course unless you're like me and purchased a mini-van. Now who's the dork with the mini-van? Anyway, the greatest problem with SUVs is their horrible tendency to guzzle gasoline. However, their popularity is clear.

Loads of individuals and families have run out to buy them for the past decade. Of course it doesn't seem like the most prudent choice anymore. Now that fuel prices have skyrocketed and don't seem to be dropping any time soon, the fun and exciting SUV doesn't appear so desirable. It's all about car fuel efficiency now days, folks. How many miles are you getting to the gallon?
What vehicle comes to mind when you think car fuel efficiency? For me it's the ever-popular Hummer or H2. The reason this dazzling SUV pops into my head is because it's like the worst. I mean come on, this eight cylinder ride chugs down fuel like there's no tomorrow. That's got to cost a pretty penny. Heck, I just got gas two days ago and it cost me 3.10 a gallon. What is the deal here? I used to think it was due to the war, since I assumed the majority of our fuel came from the Middle East, but now I know better. I read that the majority, like 80 percent of America's gas comes from Canada. Huh? Maybe we should be fighting them instead. Regardless of the horrific prices tacked on gasoline these days, all we can do is search high and low for car fuel efficiency in recent models. Luckily there are a variety of hybrids coming out now days.
Four cylinders or six? Which one are you driving? Please don't tell me you went with an eight cylinder gas hog? If you know anything about car fuel efficiency, you probably purchased or traded for a four cylinder ride. Especially in small vehicles, you can receive excellent gas mileage. However car fuel efficiency doesn't only have to do with the size of your car. Some smart folks are turning to the contemporary hybrids for the best results. This way you can rely on a battery and gasoline and really cut back on the fuel bill.

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